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Hot Gay Fuck Is All I want!

Dear Blog Land and my fellow Blog-ians, it seems I have hit a dry spell and daddy ain’t happy. What the fuck?! I thought everything was going good. Meeting new people, hooked up with a few new lovers. Then BAM! Brick wall to my face and I got nothing. I can handle dry spells, I mean seriously I stayed celibate for over a year for crying out loud. OK, so I stayed celibate because I thought I was in a long distant relationship and turned out I wasn’t, but whatever at least I stayed faithful even if he couldn’t. The problem I’m having this time is the fact that once I get it in my head that I want sex I become crazed! All I can think of is sex! My mind wanders, I can’t focus, I become like a rabid dog looking for blood. It is sad and pathetic. Why not masturbate, you may be asking me that. Why gee, why didn’t I think of that. I jerk off three times a day, I should be more then satisfied, but I’m not and I’m going crazy. Oh and I’m ready to strangle the next person who tells me when you least expect it you will find it! Really because fucking people works that way? I know maybe if I was looking for love I can stand behind the statement, but sex?

I’m pretty sure part of the problem is I am hella picky! I am and I will not apologize for it. Yes, I want sex, and yes I can probably find a one night stand that will take care of my freaking out….for now. What happens the next night or the next night, or hell two weeks from now when it starts up again? If I stick with one night stands my options are going to become depleted very quickly and I will need to relocate. I just want to find a steady “friend” and go from there. For now, astroglide, take me away!

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