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If a Group of Black Men Hung Their Dicks In My Face, I’d Be The Happiest Boi on Earth

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

If a Group of Black Men Hung Their Dicks In My Face, I’d Be The Happiest Boi on Earth
Body: I had this amazing dream fantasy last night where a circle of black men hung their limp cocks around me, and started prodding my face, cheeks, ears, and hair with their rods until slowly, one by one, if gave these hung black guys enormous erections, and proceeded to suck each one off one by one. If all these men hung their pieces in front of me in real life, I’m sure I would be overwhelmed and probably even freak out, but after my dream, I am very curious to figure out if there’s any way I can recruit a few hung black guys to help me live out my fantasy.

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As a little white twink who’s just finishing high school, I am quite eager to at least get tooled by some big black men; hung or not, but I presume that all of them are quite strapping men. Hung black guys mightsound scary to most, but as I feel the oppressive nature of high school life is only a short period away from being nothing but a distant memory of my awkward social past, I can’t wait to delve into all that expressing my gay sexual urges has to offer. So why not go for the biggest, black men- hung all the way to their ankles if possible to satiate my anal and oral desires.

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My bet is that gay black men would jump at the chance to fuck a little white kid who will definitely be experiencing a little pain as I adjust to their massive cock sizes, and maybe most twinks in my situation would be scared stiff over the prospect of any situation where they were surrounded by a group of black men; hung or not. I admit that the prospect a linup of ebony, well hung men would have scared me to death even a week ago, after my wet dream last night, I’m all game and trying to think through how I could make this arrangement happen for real.

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